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Surgeons Pre – Operation Diet


Lose a guaranteed stone in under 4 weeks

with the

“Surgeons Pre Operation Diet”


saladAre you ready to drop that extra weight? 

Do You Want That Beach Body?

A surgeon is purported to have created this easy to follow diet to assist his overweight patients in quickly losing weight before he could operate. 

My friend told me this weight loss plan which I have detailed to be completed in cycles of seven days. 

Follow The Surgeons  Pre-Op Diet over 7 day cycles and you, too, will lose a stone in under 4 weeks 

Or ..   I will give you your money back!


steak image from surgeons pre operation diet / weight loss plan

In Britain Surgeons Are Refusing To Operate On Overweight Patients.

Here’s an extract from an article in the Times newspaper.
Most NHS areas refuse surgery for obese patients. An investigation has found that four in five NHS areas are rationing surgery and other treatments for patients with a high body mass index, while almost two in three are refusing to treat smokers. The article goes on to say Freedom of Information disclosures found that the overwhelming majority of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are denying patients treatment for treatments including joint replacements and infertility if their body mass index is considered to be too high. In some areas, patients are being refused all routine treatment if they weigh too much, GP magazine found.

What can the Surgeons Pre-Operation Diet do for you?

In this day and age of daily rush, where everything is go-go-go, every minute is precious.  If you are like millions of other overweight’s  looking to drop pounds and get healthier, you also know that sometimes it’s hard to spare those precious minutes for quality exercise or creating healthy meal plans.  The Surgeons Pre Operation Diet makes it easier for you.
With The Surgeons Pre-Op Diet, all of the thinking is done for you.

The Surgeons Pre-Operation Diet was created with simplicity in mind.  As you go through the diet plan, you will see that it is easy to follow and very simple.  No calorie counting, no food grouping, no expensive designer shakes or confusing rules.  What you’re getting with The Surgeons Pre-Operation Diet is an easy to follow, sensible eating plan that will guarantee safe weight loss.

The report outlines an easy to follow, delicious meal plan that is easy and affordable to prepare.
If you’ve had enough of being fat and tired, then The Surgeons Pre-Op Diet is right for you.

You can eat grilled steaks, Lamb Chops, Boiled and Poached Eggs, Fish and other tasty foods with this 7 day diet.


You Will Receive
The Fully Illustrated Guide In Color laying out in an easy to follow format – The Surgeons Pre operation Diet
Plus You Also Will Receive The A4 Size 7 Day Diet Plan For Printing And Putting On The Fridge Door

Buy_it_now image from surgeons pre operation diet / weight loss planapple image from surgeons pre operation diet / weight loss plan

My Story

As a kid I was never overweight.  I was active and healthy, playing several sports in school.  However, after school ended, I found myself with less and less time to engage in the rough and tumble activities I used to love.  Even worse, I found my devil-may-care diet catching up to me.

As a young man, counting calories was simply not on my radar.  I ate what I wanted and never gave a second thought to my diet.  As the years passed, however, the pounds crept on.  When my pants stopped fitting, I had to face the truth: I was fat.  Staring at myself bare chested in the mirror, I knew that no euphemism or excuse could hide that spare tire hanging from my gut.

Coming to the realization that I was overweight was the easy part—easier still since I knew I wasn’t alone.  Nearly two-thirds of British and Americans are overweight or obese.  If you’re in the 64% percent of people who could stand to lose a few pounds, you know what I mean when I say that coming to terms with being overweight is the easy part.  Actually doing something about it, now that’s an entirely different story.

Atkins, Slim-Fast, NutriSystem, high carb, low carb, vegan, paleo–there were a sea of dieting options!  Which one was the right one?  If you’re reading this, then you know how frustrating it is to know which path to pick, let alone stick with.  I tried several different diet plans but could never make heads or tails of any of them.

In banana image from surgeons pre operation diet / weight loss plana sea of choices, I found that I ironically could not choose.  Analyses paralysis racked me, and for a while I wasn’t sure what to do, so I didn’t do anything…except watch my beer belly turn into a keg as the kilos continue to climb on the scale.  I needed help, and it was my good fortune that I found it unintentionally one day over lunch, of all places.

Danny had been one of my best mates since grade school, and by the time we had lunch together I hadn’t seen him in months. Danny and I were a lot alike–including the weight gain.  We had not only grown up together, but had also grown fat together.

 Imagine my surprise when Danny walked in, as slim and svelte as a man twenty years younger.  My jaw dropped.   Over the course of a leisurely Sunday lunch, I talked about my weight loss woes, still in shock by Danny’s transformation from frumpy to fit. I asked him how he managed to slim down, and he said a work mate told him about a weight loss plan his surgeon had ordered him to follow, Danny’s work mate’s weight gain had come at an even higher cost than mine: the excess fat exacerbated his other health problems, to the point where his surgeon could not perform a much-needed surgery for an unrelated problem due to how much extra weight he was carrying.

I had tried several other diets and had been burned before, so you can imagine my hesitation.  “Just try it”, Danny insisted, so I did.

Four weeks later, I had dropped almost two full stones.  Years later, I’ve managed to keep the weight off, and feel trim and healthy.
Even more, after my weight loss, I tweaked the diet a little and shared it with friends and family, all of whom have lost at least a stone, some in as quickly as two weeks.

The Surgeons  Pre-Operation Diet
has greatly improved not only my life, but the lives of many of my friends, family, and colleagues.  Every single person who has tried The Surgeons Pre-Op Diet has seen amazing results in as little as two to six weeks.  Now I want to share the diet with you.

How Many People Know About The Surgeons Pre Operation Diet

There are likely to be thousands of people throughout the English speaking world who have a copy of a diet plan similar to this one, who are successfully using this type of pre op diet which may also have been  given to them by their surgeon before he would operate. They like Danny and I, and all my friends who have used it would have been amazed by the fast and easy weight loss results, and I bet they too passed this pre-operation diet on to their friends and families.

But! very few if any at all will have thought to publish it and make it available to everyone who desperately wants or needs to lose weight.

I am sure many of you will have read sales letters on the internet before, so you will know that this letter has not been written by a professional copywriter, I wrote this myself, well with a bit of help from Danny on my laptop in my living room as a word document and another friend of mine changed it to a web format and this is the result.

The point is, I tried a diet plan which was not much different to eating a normal meal and it worked. The Surgeons pre operation diet plan on a 7 day cycle worked for me and for all who I passed it on to. I believe in the pre operation diet plan and want to share it with as many people as possible and I would also like to make a small financial return from my efforts in publishing this, so I am going to sell it for an affordable amount, just enough to pay for my hosting fees and hopefully there will be some left over for me to reimburse Danny and  myself for the time and  effort we spent putting this weight loss plan together.

ForGrapefruit image from surgeons pre operation diet / weight loss plan60_daygtd $19.99, I will give you a detailed guide on the easy to follow diet that is guaranteed to provide rapid weight loss.
I am so confident in the effectiveness of The Surgeon’s Pre-Operation Diet, that I am offering a 60 day money back guarantee.


Here’s what my friends who have actually tried the diet have to say about the Surgeons  Pre-Operation Diet:

Tried a few and this is the best, don’t need to try any others
J Rider

Never thought it would work, well it was a great surprise when I weighed myself after just one week, I had lost just under half a stone 
Vicki  M

Lost 2 stone in 4 weeks and after 8 months only regained 3 pounds. 
Liza H

Needed a knee replacement, my surgeon told me he will not operate because I was grossly overweight and it was not safe to have the operation, he told me to go away and lose 3 stone and then he would consider operating. In 7 weeks I had lost over three stone, had my op and now have a good knee, Oh and I have kept the weight off. The diet did not seem like a diet as I was eating some of the same food each day as I used to but then in a specific order.
Jess V

It works, I need say no more
Lyn C

It does what it says and it is a great diet plan

One week is all it took to start seeing amazing results, that and plus the 60 day money back guarantee.  So I had nothing to lose, except my spare truck  tire, glad I did it.
Stu F

ForGrapefruit60_daygtd $19.99, I will give you a detailed guide on the easy to follow diet that is guaranteed to provide rapid weight loss.
I am so confident in the effectiveness of The Surgeon’s Pre-Operation Diet, that I am offering a 60 day money back guarantee.



PS!  ..  Buy now and I will add a bonus of two Health E books free of charge, and even in the unlikely event you claim your money back under the Sixty Day Guarantee you can still keep them.

The Free Bonus eBooks are:


Free Book 1
What You Need To Know About
Skin Care




fitness_320Free Book 2
What You Need To Know About




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